Who We are

Matumaini is an all-girls home in the heart of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Founded by a local Congolese business woman, Noushka Teixeira, in 2010, it’s focus has been to provide a safe haven for young girls who have been abandoned by their families — many of whom have also suffered trauma and abuse prior to their arrival at the home.  

Noushka, the caretakers, and benefactors have done an amazing job providing shelter, basic food, education, and care to these girls; but for many in the DRC, living isn’t easy, and providing for a group of over 30 girls (ages 7 to 17) can be a difficult task to take on alone — that’s where Matumaini Means Hope comes in.

Founder, Hailey Krause, is American living in the DRC:



“When I first met the girls of Matumaini, I simply fell in love. I just showed up one day with my bag of tools and the girls and I got to work repairing their beds. The way they just jumped right in, the fun they had learning a new skill — I just knew these girls were special.” 

In her free time, Hailey is a woodworker and furniture maker. Inspired by the girls, she first started “engaging with what she could bring to the table” by helping and teaching the girls how to restore and refurbish the furniture in their home that had been worn down over time.

“The better my french got — albeit the girls still make fun of me relentlessly — and the more I learned about the girls and the challenges they’re facing, the louder the calling to do more got.” 

That’s when Matumaini Means Hope came to fruition. The organization was founded for 3 specific purposes:

  1. Create a sustainable conduit through which American philanthropists like you can engage with these impressive and deserving girls. According to a recent study by Giving USA, American individuals, organizations, and corporations are giving charitably more than they ever have before. To join this awesome movement in American history, check out our donations page to learn more about the different ways you can engage with MMH. 
  2. Provide sustainable and growing support to help establish and subsidize quality of life improvements for these girls. This means not only utilizing the funding conduit, but also helping establish more sustainable and reliable systems for basic needs like nutritious foods, clean water, electricity, internet, etc. To learn more about how we plan to do this, check out our strategic plan.
  3. Develop a network through which local and international partners are able to engage with and learn about the girls of Matumaini. In this life, success is often catalyzed by who you know — and that sentiment rings especially true for these girls. Through a growing local and international network, Matumaini hopes to establish avenues for higher educational and career success for these girls. Want to join our network? Check out our partners page.

In Swahili, Matumaini means “hope,” and these girls live up to that name. They are smart, funny, full of sass, ambitious and hopeful; and we know what a great blessing it would be for them to know that there is a community of people, even if you are a world away, that cares about them.


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