What We Bring to the table as a Partner:

  • Our ability to target a digital demographic that our partners care about
  • Our ability to drive digital awareness to our partners’ event, product, etc. with tangible KPI’s
  • The fact that a partnership with us equals a digital marketing campaign that comes with a tax incentive

For our partners, we want to return the favor by making available our incredible ability to mobilize a digital community around a cause or brand. Have something you want to not only push awareness too, but also link to a good cause? That’s where Matumaini Means Hope can help! We’re incredibly effective at driving digital traffic through both paid and organic digital marketing strategies, and want to put our experience in the digital marketing sphere to good use! Plus, who doesn’t like digital marketing that comes with a tax incentive?

For more info on how we effectively mobilize our community, or to talk about how you and your brand make a difference, contact us today! 

  • Partners whose Mission Statement aligns with our Mission Statement of empowering women
  • Partners whose Mission Statement aligns with a specific step in our Strategic Plan
  • Partners interested in diversifying and expanding their digital marketing outreach
The primary factor that unites us to our partners is our shared missions.  

We seek out partners who’s individual goals or mission statements align in some way to the goals we’ve outlined in our strategic plan. 

Be it a specific need, like clean water or added nutrition, or an overall shared mission of empowering women, we look for partners who not only care and are willing to put their donations where there goals are; but those who may also have a unique skillset that can help progress what we hope to build for these awesome girls.

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Our Partners

We have some amazing partners that bring all kinds of expertise to the table: